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Meditate with Mish

Within each Meditation Consultation, Mish compassionately and intuitively offers her clients soul-enriching insights towards improving and deepening their Meditation practice.

One of Mish's core intentions is to assist clients in attaining a meditative flow-state within their daily lives so that, irrespective of daily experiences, clients learn how to manage and flow smoothly from one event to another. Mish enjoys creating and maintaining calmness through any storm (hurdle/setback) and believes life is simply a rollercoaster of experiences rather than challenges, and leads by example within her field.

Mish started meditating at the age of seven. While her Meditation practice didn't always leave her feeling balanced, grounded or healed, over the past decade, Mish harnessed a combination of techniques that deepened her meditative journey while leading herself to the recovery of PTSD, Post-viral Chronic Fatigue, Mitochondrial Dysfunction and an Immune Condition. Another tremendous result Mish acquired from regularly meditating is her experience with neutrality, whereby she can remain grounded amidst emotionally turbulent environments. Many idealise being able to 'one day' better handle situations. Through meditation, Mish believes anyone can reach such states of emotional control while living authentically within each moment. Mish also believes that life can be tough, and emotions are real and worthy of acknowledgment and encourages her clients to feel through their experiences.

Intuitively developed, Mish created a light-hearted, unique approach to teaching Meditation, allowing her students to gain connection, contentment and compassion within their meditation sessions.



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