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Are Dreaming and Meditation the Same?

Gosh, what a great question this is! The answer is simple; while the explanation is a little long, have you a spare moment to read this? You might already know that Dreaming and Meditation are not the same things. Some people do experience dream-like sensations during their meditation practices. Yet, due to the state of their brainwaves, they are indeed only meditating and not dreaming. There are a few circumstances where this may not transpire, such as with the use of hallucinogenics.

I would like to note here that my personal dreaming experiences and my professional Dream Therapy service never involve mind-altering substances.

So, let's now explore the scientifically-researched differences between Dreaming and Meditation.

Sleep comprises several distinct stages of brainwave activity, as does Meditation. However, the distinct difference between the two is that Meditation is a practice of Mindfulness. In contrast, Dreaming occurs in the unconscious state, where we are not [usually] aware of the dream at play.

You might find it fascinating to learn that these practices do own shared characteristics. Dreaming and Meditation can each be pre-programmed to have set experiences with intentioned outcomes. Dreaming and Meditation also primarily occur during the Alpha, Theta, or Delta brainwaves.

Attuning our brainwaves before entering a Meditation session or falling asleep can accelerate the results. Using music before sleeping or Meditation can sharpen our experience, enhancing our set goals for either activity.

I use the music of 4-8 Hz to stimulate the theta level of brainwaves when I wish to experience dreams involving a specific matter. Specially curated music lets me relax into a deep and transformative sleep state where I encounter my most profound precognitive (intuitive) dreams.

As you learn about Dreamwork and how to create the perfect dream environment for yourself, music won't always be required to fall into a deep, restorative and dream-fulfilling sleep state. And this is the same for Meditation; with enough consistent practice, you will be able to effortlessly enter into a meditative state at the drop of a hat.

Most people who work with a Dream Therapist discover in-depth understandings about themselves, their past blockages and their future blockages through dream interpretation and dream counselling. In addition, people familiar with Dreamwork also find that they experience more profound and rewarding experiences within their Meditation practices. Both of these practices can lead to enhanced quality of sleep.


Meet Mish, The Intuitive Writer – a contented, Zen-like professional, comfortable working across various landscapes and here to help your business and passion projects with her wide range of expertise.​ With unique knowledge, Mish is undoubtedly someone who can assist your business and personal goals. Backed by a degree in Professional Writing, Editing and Publishing, a Level II Certification in Meditation Teacher Training, a Diploma in Dream Analysis, and many other qualifications within the fields of Health and Wellness, Mish aligns her passions within her leading roles as a Writer, Editor, Meditation Teacher & Dream Therapist. Are you searching for an authentic, diligent and skilled copywriter or editor, a vibrant yet calming Meditation Teacher or an exclusive Dream Therapist? Click Here.

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