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Dream Meanings with Mish

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Blog Series: Understanding Dream Interpretation


Hi, my name is Mish, and I am a Qualified Dream Therapist. I help people understand and process their dream life to obtain a more satisfying relationship with their dreams and gain a better sleep quality.

In this blog series, you will find selected Dream Analyses' of clients, friend's and family's dreams. Each person has provided me with their permission to publish their Dreams' interpretation. Names and other recognisable details are withheld for privacy purposes unless instructed otherwise by the Dreamer.

nb. This blog is an Instructional Blog that provides you with tools and definitions on how to understand my Dream Analyses. For further information, please feel free to contact me here.

What is Dream Analysis? The process of a Dream Therapist who analyses a dream and then offers their professional interpretation. The interpretation will relate to the Dreamer's waking life.

What is Dream Therapy? This is the process of working with a qualified Dream Therapist who assists their clients in understanding their dreams. A Dream Therapist helps the client work through the messages/meanings. Often, a dream, a collection of dreams, or recurring dreams carry within them profound messages to the person's

What is Dream Symbolism? Each Dream contains a story made up of elements. Someone might dream of a cat even if they don't own a cat, while another person might dream of trying to catch a train but missing their ride, or a common dream is where the Dreamer dreams of their teeth falling out or of wobbly teeth even if the Dreamer is an adult. Anything from colours, to vehicles, animals, to strangers with defined facial features - everything - is a Dream Symbol. These symbols represent a language that a Dream Therapist can interpret, uncovering the Dream's message.

What is a Theme? There are many types of themes within a Dream. Some Dreams contain one clear theme, whilst others might have two or more themes. Some examples of themes in Dreams are; emotional, environmental, health, circumstantial, relativity and timeframe-based, relationship, professional forecast, educational, inspirational, motivational, advisory, and nonsensical.

What are the Directional Elements? These are signs from a directional point of view, such as left/right, up/down, front/rear, top/bottom, north/south/east/west, over/under, inside/outside. Each directional element represents a meaning that will give a clue that helps Dream Therapists interpret the relativity of the Dream's purpose.

What do I do after a Dream Therapist analyses my Dream? This will vary from one person to another and from one Dream to another. Sometimes nothing further is needed due to the interpretation providing enough insight for the Dreamer to feel at ease or because they will have obtained enough information to understand and resolve the Dream's purpose. Other times, the Dreamer might need to undertake a daily routine of Dream Journaling to process the Dream or a collection of Dreams and may benefit from a follow-up Dream Therapy consultation.

What is Dream Journaling? This is the act of writing down a Dream with as much detail as the Dreamer can recall. Dream Journaling has many astounding benefits, such as increased Dream recall, enhanced sleep quality, and increased creativity for business or creative projects.

How can Dream Therapy and Dream Analysis help? Dream Therapy will look different for each client, as their results will vary. A good overview of benefits are improved sleep quality, wake refreshed, improved concentration and focus in the waking life, improved digestion, enhanced understanding of one's dreams, and so much more.

Interested in Dreamwork?

Join Mish for her next virtual Dream Analysis workshop, or book in for a consultation today by visiting

About Mish:

Mish is a Qualified Dream Therapist with over 20-years of experience and who loves assisting people process and understand their dreams, nightmares, and even night terrors. Mish has helped people with sleep regulation, improvement of sleep quality, developing dream recall ability, enhancing the intuitive nature of dreams, and lessening the intensity of dreaming. To book a 1:1 Dream Therapy session with Mish, click here.

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